Sobriquet 43.2

I read another article dealing with Disgrace this evening, Eluned Summers-Bremner's "'Poor Creatures': Ishigiro's and Coetzee's Imaginary Animals." Published in the same issue of Mosaic as Travis V. Mason's "Dog Gambit," Summers-Bremner's essay also explores the text's treatment of animality, though through a decidedly psychoanalytic lens. Indeed, Jacques Lacan looms behind many of the article's assertions.

At any rate, Summers-Bremner barely strays from the well-tread critical path analyzing the changes in David Lurie's character after he begins to sympathize with the dogs at Bev Shaw's clinic. Her discussion of the inadequacy of language (an extremely common theme in Coetzee's fiction and an especially popular topic among critics), however, is quite good and well worth reading.

For tomorrow: Read another article or two.

Work Cited

Summers-Bremner, Eluned. "'Poor Creatures': Ishigiro's and Coetzee's Imaginary Animals." Mosaic 39.4 (2006): 145-160.


From Minxy:

I never know what to say about the critical articles, so I'm just going to say Yay for getting your reading done!!! :)

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