Sobriquet 56.7

I spent today working on some of the more practical aspects of the dissertation: I repaired my laminated particle board desk, bought and assembled an office chair, and re-reformatted my entire Disgrace chapter to date. Although there is an element of satisfaction one can take in fixing and/or building a physical object, there's considerably less pleasure to be found in meticulously going through sixty-odd pages of writing, ensuring that the footnotes are properly placed and trying to figure out why the "new" version of the paper is a page or so shorter than the previous incarnation. The only thing I can come up with, since all the text is apparently intact, is that the line spacing or font size has been oh-so slightly altered in all the format migration.

I also finished reading my notes.

For tomorrow: Try to get some writing done. Otherwise, read.


minxy said…
You're probably right about the line spacing or font size. Sorry I've been incognito again...I had a few days off in a row and spent little time online. I'm glad your practical work yielded you some satisfaction. :)

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