Sobriquet 57.7

One of the things I have learned about dissertation-writing while writing my dissertation has been that one must both approach the project purposefully and be willing to adjust that approach as he or she progresses. This is why my dissertation morphed from a multi-author project to a focused study of Coetzee's fiction after I began writing what I believed to be the first section of my first chapter. Now, after having spoken with my supervisor, it looks like I will be shifting gears again, though not nearly as drastically as that first time. This time, rather than broadening or contracting my focus, I will simply be combining what would have been a few comparatively brief sections into a single, comprehensive conclusion. Accordingly, I will spend the next few weeks re-reading a couple of Coetzee's novels (especially Elizabeth Costello), reviewing criticism, and -- get this! -- preparing to finish my dissertation. In addition to outlining and writing the conclusion and introduction, I will make a few (mercifully) minor edits to my previous chapters and cross the administrative Ts and dot the bureaucratic Is that accompany the closing stages of one's doctoral degree. It should be interesting.

For tomorrow: Read.


minxy said…
How exciting for you!!! Wow...last chapter and finishing stages around the corner. I'm so proud of you!!! :)

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