Sobriquet 59.4

This afternoon, I regained a tiny bit of the momentum I lost yesterday. I plowed through a good chunk of reading relatively early in the day and, though I was not nearly as efficient in the later afternoon, a nice meal with a good friend seems to have energized me just enough to get me through some reading for the dissertation as well as a bit more prep work for my classes this week.

I'm still rather distressed by the seemingly unending onslaught of work coming at me from all sides. I want to finish the dissertation relatively soon, but I have so much other work to get through that I feel I am not making much progress, which is tremendously frustrating for me. I realize now, when it is far too late, that I probably should have applied for a dissertation fellowship of some sort. Instead, I am teaching more than twice as much as the average tenure-track professor just to fund the tail end of my education. But I have to try not to focus on that sort of thing. I suppose I'll take a lesson from Epictetus and expend my energy elsewhere.

For tomorrow: Since it is a long day for me, just read a little bit more of Diary of a Bad Year.


minxy said…
YAY for a little momentum (a little is always better than none). I say, look forward to whatever school breaks you get and use them to your advantage. With what sounds like a ridiculous amount of daily work you have, breaks are probably going to be your most productive times. :)

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