Sobriquet 63.6

I've had a busy couple of days. I finished the second mini-section of my introduction late last night (or, rather, early this morning) and spent some time this afternoon reading over the many, many notes that I took in December and January. I anticipate spending another day or two on this preparatory phase and then, if all goes well, I should begin the third mini-section as early as the end of this weekend.

In dissertation-related news -- indeed, in dissertation blog-related news -- I recently discovered, quite by accident, that Carrol Clarkson mentions my blog project in a rather lengthy endnote in her recently-published study, J. M. Coetzee: Countervoices, which I promptly ordered a few days ago. Still, with curiosity eating away at me, I did a "Look Inside This Book" search, and was delighted to see that Carrol described my blog as "an invaluable resource for Coetzee scholars."

I am truly humbled by Carrol's generous assessment of this blog and I sincerely hope that it continues to be a worthwhile place for Coetzee scholars to visit. Indeed, while I am nearing the conclusion of my dissertation and, consequentially, the conclusion of this particular endeavor, I fully intend to keep the blog and its archives available on the Sobriquet Magazine website.

For tomorrow: Read and prepare for the next mini-section.


minxy said…
It's pretty cool that another scholar thinks highly enough of your work on the blog to make mention of it in their own work. It should be a reinforcement of the notion that you're doing very good work. I'm very proud of you. :)

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