Sobriquet 42.21

I've continued reading Diary of a Bad Year and, save for a few passages of relatively run-of-the-mill anti-Americanism, I have found the "strong opinions" well worth poring over. I have also enjoyed reading the contrapuntal voices of the fictional author and his equally fictional typist. What I have found most interesting, however, are the ways in which the information revealed in the diaries seem to shape the development of the ostensibly non-fiction essays and, given the author's reputation for exploring the nature of the writing process, I am pretty certain that much of the critical discussion on the novel will focus on this relationship.

For tomorrow: Read and/or write.


From Minxy:

If I'm understanding correctly, does the focus on the writing process in the book (and potentially in the criticism) mean that you won't be able to use much of the book for the dissertation? I mean, your focus is in a different there material you can use? Even if there isn't much usable material, at least you're enjoying the novel. :)

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