Sobriquet 42.6

There's not much to report on this evening. I did begin reading Foe tonight and I will probably read a bit more of the novel before calling it a night. So far, Foe seems like it is going to be a pretty good read. I find the book has engaged my interest from the get-go, so I have a good feeling about this one, even though I can't imagine how one could successfully follow up a novel as great as Life & Times of Michael K.

Otherwise, while I have been reading up on the critical writing inspired by Disgrace, I have decided to put that venture on hold while I finish the home stretch of this semester and work on wrapping up the chapter on The Master of Petersburg. My reading assignments for the next little while, then, will be in Foe.

For tomorrow: Dissertate. Read Foe, if I find the time.


From Minxy:

You're almost there! Yay...soon you'll have some free time during the week and won't have to deal with grading (at least for a little bit). YAY!!!!

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