Sobriquet 45.21

Again, I am going to have to keep this much briefer than I would like. The onset of a new semester seems to be sapping virtually all of my time and energy. Not that this is a bad thing, of course. I mean, I love being in the classroom and I often find that there is a really positive synergy between my research and my teaching. It just means that I haven't as much time to sit down and discuss the criticism I have been going over. Or, rather, I have the time, but am usually so sleepy when I sit down at the computer that I hesitate to write anything lest I do a fellow scholar the injustice of wearily glossing over his or her work. I will, instead, try to discuss some of the texts over the weekend. I would especially like to discuss the wonderful essay by Jonathan Lamb that I read this afternoon. If anything, Lamb's essay proves that my decision to keep reading criticism despite feeling less and less inspired as I progress through the often repetitive body of Disgrace scholarship was a good one. As I read through Lamb's article, I began to see a possible bridge between two of my (planned) dissertation chapters taking shape. It was, nerdily enough, quite exhilarating.

For tomorrow: More reading.


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