Sobriquet 45.9

Desiring a change of pace, I chose to read J. M. Coetzee's essay on Italo Svevo in Inner Workings in lieu of any critical writing on Coetzee himself. Although I haven't much to say about his views on Svevo, I can say that I enjoyed Coetzee's review and, if I had the time, would certainly consider picking up a copy of a Svevo novel (probably Senility) after reading Coetzee's comments on the Triestine author.

Since I will probably not have much time over the next few days, I will try to continue reading in Inner Workings if I cannot read any of the remaining essays on Disgrace. I'll also take a few days' break from updating the website, but I will continue reading, I promise.


From Minxy:

Keep on reading...perhaps it will inadvertantly give you an insight on Coetzee's writing, even though it's the author discussing someone else's writing. Enjoy your few days of not posting. :)

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