Sobriquet 46.15

Since my internet has been dead for a few days now, I have been having some real trouble getting online. As a result of this difficulty, the entry I wrote in a word processing program last night (Sobriquet 46.14) cannot be posted. I will try to post it (and any other "unplugged" entries) when I get the chance. Still, since I haven't the foggiest clue when I will next have internet access at home, I can't promise to make daily posts to the blog. I can, of course, access the internet at the library (as I am doing now), but given how few terminals there are, I mightn't get much time to write anything. But I assure you, I am continuing to work on the dissertation.

For today, tomorrow, and until I can get get this internet access problem solved: Read an essay or a section of The Rights of Desire each day.


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