Sobriquet 46.5

Since I have been up for close to eighteen hours now and because the heat and humidity here render this hyperborean hyperthermic, I am going to put off writing a longer post until tomorrow when, presumably, I will have rested myself.

Despite the heat and what seemed like an endless series of Kafkaesque bureaucratic obstacles, I managed to read another essay this afternoon. If anything, though, the stifling heat and frustrating administrative chores made teaching Beckett's Endgame that much more rewarding. (Ironically, on one of the sunniest afternoons we've had all summer, my students could not help but comment that the gray, "corpsed" setting of the play is eerily reminiscent of New York's Southern Tier. Indeed, the oft-overcast Binghamton-Elmira-Corning corridor bears more than a passing resemblance to the setting of Beckett's play, as I have often noted to myself.).

For tomorrow: Read another article.


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