Sobriquet 54.1

It took me until 11:00 PM to get myself into gear and now, as it nears four in the morning, I can finally say that I finished another paragraph. I just could not seem to connect my thoughts or, rather, collect them. So I sat, curser blinking menacingly, and stared at the screen for far too long. Every line I typed, it seemed, I deleted.

And this went on for some time.

Painfully, slowly, the writing finally came, but only after an awful lot of fretting. And, to be honest, I really do not feel comfortable with the quality of what I have just finished writing despite the amount of time I devoted to it.

But, I suppose, days like today are part of the process and, if anything, I can at least say that I have pushed my way through one of the more miserable parts of the dissertation,

Now, though, I want to get some sleep.

For tomorrow: Read, write, or plan.


From Minxy:

YAY for getting through a less than pleasant part of your work. I'm guessing it's the section of the chapter you've been working on/fretting about for the past few weeks. Yay for getting it done!

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