Sobriquet 54.12

Although I got through a fairly substantial amount of reading today, I'm still feeling a bit dissatisfied with myself. The dissatisfaction stems primarily from the length of time I have been working on the dissertation, from knowing that had I just skipped Disgrace (which, of course, I could not do), I'd have probably finished the entire thing by now. And, really, I just want to be done with graduate school. I mean, I've learned a lot, I've grown as a person, and all sorts of equally good stuff, but I am ready to move on. In other words, it's time for me to really push myself to finish, to strap on the crampons and work my way across the glacier.

For tomorrow: Read.


From Minxy:

Miss Psycho Pep Squad here with an overly-exuberant YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're so close and I know you'll get it done soon. YAY!!! :)

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