Sobriquet 56.15

While I initially thought I would begin writing the penultimate phase of my chapter on Disgrace tomorrow, today's prep work has led me to believe that I should really combine the final two stages of the chapter into a single unit. Thus, I will be spending the next few days reviewing what I was going to save for the very end and try to fashion an outline for a more nuanced final section. This should take a few days, but it will be wonderful to finally finish this interminable chapter. Of course, this chapter will still have to meet with my supervisor's approval, so merely completing the writing is only the prelude to either a gigantic triumph or a massive failure. That fact, understandably, has made writing the chapter increasingly difficult as every word amounts to a wager of one's recent life, embodied in text, on the hope that one has been successful. . .


For tomorrow, etc.: Prepare.


minxy said…
Past success with your chapters predicts future success with the one you're working on now. I don't think you have much to worry about regarding your supervisor's appreciation and approval of your writing. Good luck tweaking this last section and I hope you'll get it done as quickly as you want. :)

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