Sobriquet 58.3

This past week has been a fairly productive one for me. On Friday, I spent close to a dozen hours putting together what may be the last substantial bit of bureaucratic work I need to finish before writing the Introduction and Afterword to my dissertation. Basically, I spent a solid twelve hours piecing together a document justifying what I have spent the past twenty-two months doing and outlining my the final pieces of writing I will need to officially finish the dissertation and transform myself from ABD to Doctor. I submitted the document on Saturday morning and received word this afternoon that it had been accepted. I will now begin preparing to write the Introduction and Afterword.

The nice thing about my insanely crammed schedule this semester is the sense of urgency I feel whenever I have actually manage to secure a bit of time to work on my dissertation. I mean, it sucks to feel that sort of pressure, but it does spur one on. Of course, having finished my big task for the weekend and, not being able to proceed with my dissertation until I learned whether or not my submission was approved, having an uncommonly large chunk of free time, I put an audiobook in my stereo (yes, I was still preparing for classes) and drove up to Niagara Falls. It was delightful. And then the Bengals won. It was a good day.

For tomorrow, etc.: Prepare for the home stretch.


minxy said…
YAY for approval!!!! That's awesome, as was that chunk of free time you got to enjoy, I'm sure. I'm really happy for you right're so close to being finished. Wahoo!!! :)

P.S. My mom says congratulations!
Congratulations, Erik! I knew you could do it! That's excellent! And congratulations on all the free time too!
Thanks Minxy and Minxy's Mom and Jon!!!!!!!! There's still work to be done, though :)

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