Sobriquet 58.4

Pittsburgh, PA
I am going to have to keep tonight's post extremely brief because I am "typing" it with my thumbs on an iPod Touch. At any rate, I am in a motel room in Pittsburgh, where I have spent the past two days, taking in a Pirates-Dodgers game at PNC Park and snapping pictures of the city. It has been a much-needed break for me, though I used my drive time to listen to an audiobook version of one of the novels I will be teaching this week and I should finish re-reading Coetzee's "As a Woman Grows Older" before calling it a night. That is, as soon as I finish grading a few more papers and prepping for classes. Ah, vacation!

Also, having now finished re-reading Slow Man, I am literally only days away from the prewriting phases of the Introduction and Afterword of the dissertation.


minxy said…
YAY for mini vacations! I'm glad you got a chance to get out of town for a bit...that's always a good, refreshing thing. I hope the effects of getting out of the area last for awhile after you're back. :)

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