Sobriquet 60.3

Although I really wanted to sit down and write a more substantial entry this evening, I seem to have grown rather yawny and a bit headachy. So, not wanting to exacerbate the unpleasantness, I'm not going to spend much time staring at this glowing rectangle as I might otherwise have done. Instead, I'll just report that, despite having guests this weekend and despite the grading and class preparation on which I have been working, I did get a bit more writing done this afternoon and remain on schedule for finishing the draft of my Afterword by Monday or so. I may also have settled on a title for my dissertation, which is kinda nice. There's a satisfying sense of finality in that, let me tell you.

For tomorrow: Write more.


minxy said…
Finishing the afterword draft by Monday AND a title are both very AWESOME!!!!!!! I'm still excited for you and this finishing phase. :)

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