Sobriquet 60.8

I'm still in that interstitial rest mode that I fall into when, having finished one large chunk of dissertation writing, I need to recharge before beginning the next writing phase. During these refractory periods, I tend not to get as much work done, and I refuse to chastise myself for taking it easy. So, when I say that I have been reading a few pages of Foe each of the past few days, that's quite literally all of the dissertation work that I have done. Still, I continue to work on my project every day and will, I imagine, continue doing so until the day comes when I can say, honestly, I am finished.

For today: Read.


minxy said…
I daresay, I would probably chastise you if you chastised yourself for taking it easy, and that would be entirely too much chastising and defeat the purpose of taking it easy. So, carry on with your recharging period and enjoy it. :)

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