Sobriquet 63.2

I began writing the next mini-section of my introduction this evening and, while I am not especially enamored with it, it is nice to have gotten a bit of work done.

I'm still feeling pretty burned out, which is probably to be expected when one has worked on something every single day for more than two years. Still, I suspect the burnout runs a bit deeper than that. I mean, I felt burnt out after my first year as a master's student in 2002, and have felt as if I were running on fumes for the past seven years. I suppose it's rather like a too-perfectly-scripted movie: the car runs out of gas and has to drift, slower and slower, towards the ultimate destination, which it hits just as it stops moving...

For tomorrow: Write more.


minxy said…
My, my...I go into stealth mode for a few days and there's lots to read here. That's a good thing, though. It means that you're maybe not quite as burned out as you think because you're able to work AND give time to the blog. YAY!!! :)

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