Sobriquet 63.7

Although it has been about a week since I last posted anything, I have continued working on the dissertation each day and, as of this evening, am currently writing the penultimate mini-section of my introduction. I had a few days where I needed to prioritize certain non-dissertation aspects of my life, which actually turned out to have a positive impact on my dissertation. By having a legitimate reason (or, rather, legitimate reasons) to lighten my workload, I seemed able to get a bit of much-needed mental rest and, although I have a few doubts about what I did end up writing this evening, I felt clearer-headed and more confident than I have in quite some time and I think I can made some significant progress over the next few days. I do anticipate encountering a theoretical knot I will have to untangle towards the end of the mini-section but, by the time I get there, I imagine I will have made enough progress to make spending some time with that problem seem less like a problem and more like a justified break in the action.

For tomorrow: Write or prep.


minxy said…
Sometimes shifting things around makes a huge difference in how you feel. I'm glad you had time to take care of some other priorities and the positive outcome of said care-taking. :)

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