Sobriquet 63.8

After a fairly lengthy bout with distraction, I finally settled into a writing groove late Friday evening and now, three or four hours later, I find myself at a remarkably interesting place to be. I am, quite literally, staring the end of my dissertation in the face. Somehow, without really realizing it, I wrote my way through what I had assumed would be the most difficult part of the introduction (the section for which I spent the better part of two months reading) in a comparatively brief stretch of time and am approaching what I had assumed would be the easiest part as I would confront an extraordinarily difficult undertaking, even by dissertation standards. It's odd.

At any rate, I may or may not get any writing done tomorrow, though I would certainly like to do so. Rather than jump right into the matter, I think I will do a bit of review and some additional pre-writing so that I can do justice to a subject about which I actually care a very great deal. I do not know how long the review/pre-writing process will take (I would not be surprised if it took a few hours or a few days), but I hope I can get some more writing done this weekend. If I do, all I will have left to do for this draft will be to introduce the four chapters I have already written. Then, amazingly, there's a single paragraph to be added to my conclusion and . . . well . . . and then I will be finished.

For tomorrow: Prepare for the last part of the penultimate mini-section and, if possible, begin writing it.


minxy said…
I have to say, I'm excited for you! Wow, you're very nearly done with this journey of a dissertation. I'm so proud of you for sticking with it and not giving up, even in the hardest of times. You are awesome, my friend. YAY! :)

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