Sobriquet 42.13

I had a feeling yesterday that I woudn't get any writing done today. I've been tired lately and I figured that I would be lacking the energy to produce anything worth reading. And, I'm sure, there's a bit of the "it's the end of the semester and I don't have to cram writing into my itty-bitty periods of free time" feeling, too.

So I spent a few too many hours sleeping this afternoon (oh, but it was divine) and continued reading in Foe for the remainder of the day. I also spent some time listening to the audiobook of Cormac McCarthy's excellent The Road, which I will likely be featuring in one of my classes next semester.

So, it was a good, lazy Sunday for me. Finally.

For tomorrow: Read the rest of Foe and/or write a bit more on The Master of Petersburg


From Minxy:

Sleep is divine. I went to bed early (and was actually able to get to sleep before I usually do on Sunday) and enjoyed every minute of my sleep. The only part I didn't like was the cat scratching to be let in or out every few hours during the night. But she loves to snuggle on my bed with me, so I can't fault her for occasionally wanting to go to her litter box. :)

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