Sobriquet 42.26

Again, I will have to keep this entry on the brief side. After a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends (and cats, birds, and guinea pigs), I found myself a bit out of sorts this afternoon. While my mood was not particularly bad, I had a hard time returning to my work-centered existence. This is why:

1. Having finished Diary of a Bad Year, the only reading I really need to do for my research at the moment is literary criticism, a type of writing which, unlike fiction, I generally do not enjoy reading. With a few exceptions, literary criticism does not capture my imagination in the same way a good novel does. I mean, sure, it can be edifying, even interesting, but I'd much rather read Coetzee than criticism of Coetzee's fiction. So, there was a letdown there.

2. Going from a full house to an empty house can be a tough transition.


3. I got distracted. Really, really distracted. This resulted, of course, in a significant amount of procrastination which, in turn, meant that I would be doing my work late at night, when fatigue makes focusing difficult.

But I did what I set out to do and read some of the criticism. It just took me all day to get around to it.

For tomorrow: Dissertate or read at least two essays.


From Minxy;

I had the opposite going on this empty house, save for the puppy and kitty beasts cocooning me into my bed at night (one dog on the left, one on the right and a cat making my chest her bed). At least I had only one day of solitude...working on Sunday helped break the lonliness. Good luck dissertating and/or article-reading today.

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