Sobriquet 42.28

Today was pretty much a duplicate of yesterday. I stayed up late and slept all day. I didn't feel like working and couldn't get myself started until quite late at night. And, like yesterday, I managed to get a bit more writing done. The one advantage I had today was that, having written a solid piece yesterday, I did not feel too far removed from the chapter. That had been a problem for me yesterday. I find that skipping more than a day or two between writing sessions tends to make the resumption of the writing process difficult.

I have noticed that when I am actively engaged in writing a chapter, I feel physically tethered to my home. I sometimes feel as if I have to finish the chapter before I take a trip anywhere, as if leaving a chapter temporarily unfinished is somehow inappropriate. You know, like partially bandaging a wound, leaving the unfinished job to watch a rerun of Jake and the Fat Man, and then resuming after the credits begin to roll.


For tomorrow: Read an article or write.


From Minxy:

Ha...the Jake and the Fat Man reference made me laugh. I have a feeling I'm going to be having the same procrastination issue myself over the next few days, only with cleaning instead of writing.

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