Sobriquet 42.30

Well, I finally finished writing the chapter on The Master of Petersburg. I'll call it a draft, but if I have to do any major revisions, I'll be about as enthused as if I were starting the whole thing over. The bastard measures in at a little under fifty-one pages or roughly one-fifth the length of Coetzee's novel.

I won't say much else at the moment, but I would like to thank my loyal readers for stopping by regularly. I would especially like to single out Minxy, the Literary Chica, and Rennesa for their kind comments and/or emails. You three would be surprised by how much your support has helped!

For tomorrow: Read, when not fretting about the quality of The Master of Petersburg chapter.


From Minxy:

I don't mind leaving comments to help you out...though I rarely have anything helpful to say. I'm glad you find something useful in it...that makes me smile. :)

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