Sobriquet 44.16

Well, I did it again. I found the prospect of reading more criticism so unappealing that I waited until I was practically asleep to finally accept the fact that I wouldn't be reading any. Instead, I opted to begin reading Youth, having provided myself with that escape hatch in yesterday's post. The thing is, the essay I struggled to get into yesterday is actually one of the best pieces of literary criticism that I have read in recent months. The only conclusion that I can draw is that, having read a few dozen essays on Disgrace, I really need a change of pace.

The problem, however, is that the critical discussion surrounding Disgrace is quite a bit larger than that surrounding most novels. And so I toil, impatiently putting off starting the chapter on Disgrace until I dutifully read each and every article that I can find pertaining to the novel.

As I have said before, I have reached a point in my reading where very few essays present information or readings that I haven't already encountered elsewhere while, at the same time, I continue to feel intense obligation to ensure that I familiarize myself with all the existent critical writing on Disgrace, and that's where the root of my frustration lies: I am impatient to get going on my next chapter. This moment, then, is yet another period of time during which I must practice the opposite behavior of that to which I am most inclined. In other words, this is another step towards mastering what may be the most valuable lesson in dissertation-writing: success relies on a combination of hard work, dedication, faith, confidence and, above all, the ability to accept the strain of dream deferral.

At any rate, I love what I have read of Youth so far.

For tomorrow: Same story, different day (read another essay or continue reading Youth).


From Minxy:

It sucks that the criticism is becoming redundant and yet you still must read it all. I'd read some for you if I could, but that would defeat the purpose of you reading it. Also, it would probably take me forever to read one paragraph because I'm so very unfamiliar with the style of critical writing. So instead I'll say YAY for taking a wee break and starting a new book. :)

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