Sobriquet 44.9

Other than continuing to read Boyhood, I used today to consult with my supervisor regarding some of the less academic aspects of the dissertation process. Like all schools granting doctoral degrees, my university requires each candidate complete a set of procedures designed to ensure that my dissertation committee consists of a strong group of scholars in addition to my advisor, that I submit the proper forms to the proper offices, and other such matters. Happily, these requirements strike me as reasonable and relatively low-stress tasks, so I will be moving forward on that front while I continue working on research and writing. If anything, it adds a bit of variety to the whole thing.

For tomorrow: finish Boyhood.


From Minxy:

It's good to get all that beaurocratic nonsense out of the way; it lets you focus on the tasks at hand rather than worry about, well, nonsense. YAY for getting nonsense done! :)

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