Sobriquet 44.5

Although I read a good deal of Boyhood this afternoon, I will actually be finishing up my self-assigned reading in bed tonight. I opted to spend the evening with some friends and had a much-needed break from the solipsistic existence I have been leading these past few days. Fortunately, I am enjoying the book, so I don't reckon my fatigue will prevent me from finishing. All I can say is that it has been really nice to have switched back to narrative prose after spending so much time reading academic writing. I find that if I read literary criticism on one specific text exclusively for too long, the articles begin to blend together and I grow frustrated by the often overlapping content of the essays. Taking a break, I've learned, gives one's brain a chance to process and synthesize information, allowing one to digest a good deal of material and sift through the details for those little nuggets of priceless insight. At any rate, it's after two in the morning and I'll have to get cracking on my reading if I want to get to bed at a decent hour. . .

For tomorrow: Read some more of Boyhood.


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