Sobriquet 46.6

Well, today was a crap day. When I woke up this morning, I sensed that it was going to be a productive afternoon. It wasn't. I pretty much found every possible way to procrastinate. Every time I sat down to begin reading a critical essay, some part of me began itching to go to the mall or surf the internet or nap or watch a movie. The repetitive nature of my reading and the cumulative fatigue resulting from amount of time I have spent working on Disgrace criticism, I think, just wore me down today. It wasn't until a few minutes past midnight that I finally read anything and what I did end up reading was quite short. That said, of the two brief reviews that I did go over this evening, one seems poised to enter into my dissertation. So it wasn't a complete washout; it just felt that way.

For tomorrow: Read another essay or work on my bibliography.


From Minxy:

Sometimes, you just have to give yourself a break. It's ok to take a break when you've been working nonstop on something. :)
I know, I know...but, still!

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