Sobriquet 49.10: One Year In . . .

So, today is the 365th day of my dissertation project and, to mark this ignominious day, I would like to do another rundown post like the one I wrote back in June:

Blog Posts: 328.

J. M. Coeztee Books Read: 10 1/2, plus sections of White Writing and Inner Workings.

Total Books Finished: 35.

Critical Essays Read: Well over two hundred.

Chapters Written: Two, but none in the last six months (thanks to the amazingly large pile of criticism on Disgrace).

Computers Used: Three.

Computers Killed: One.

Cars Wrecked: One.

Courses Taught: Twelve.

Coetzee Novels Taught: One.

Literary Critics That Have Contacted Me: Four.

Libraries Used: More than twenty.

Articles Published: Two.

Articles Published on Coetzee: One.

"Fans" in the Sobriquet Magazine Fan Club: Nine.

Best Place to Work on Dissertation: Ithaca Falls, Ithaca, NY.

Least Pleasant Place to Have Worked on Dissertation: Emergency Room at the Community Medical Center, Scranton, PA.

Sense of Accomplishment: Greater than in June, though the effect is blunted by the sheer length of time I have had to spend preparing for the chapter on Disgrace.

As far as today goes, I will try to read a bit of The Rights of Desire before hitting the hay.

For tomorrow: Read or transcribe, as usual.


From Minxy:

I love your lists. :) Lists almost always make me smile or giggle. YAY!

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