Sobriquet 49.11

Since I tend to write most of this weblog's posts after midnight, the date stamp preceding a given day's writing often suggests that what I record for one day was actually completed on the next day. I've never really concerned myself with this sort of detail, figuring that it really doesn't matter. Except when a date actually does matter.

Today, of course, is one of those days. Although the clock now reads 12:30 AM on December 11, this is, for me, still the day of December 10, the one-year anniversary of this blog. I do, of course, recognize the fact that the recording of dates and such is largely arbitrary, but the practice does have its positive side, enabling us to structure our lives around date-oriented rituals and the like. So, for me, December 10 marks a rather significant point in my life. I have, as of today, worked on my dissertation every day for a year. And that is something.

This past year, in addition to all the stuff I have learned about South African literature, for instance, or Levinaian theory, I have also learned a tremendous amount about perseverance despite feeling overwhelmed by work, about how to approach an often unrewarding task, about delayed gratification. In other words, I have found that academic work has taught me about some decidedly unacademic things. And they might be the most valuable things I've learned in school. But isn't that often the case? I mean, in seeking to understand others and the world, you end up learning about yourself.

Anyway, I'm just going to read a bit of Brink tonight and call it a day.

For tomorrow: Transcribe or read.


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