Sobriquet 49.21

I'm going to have to keep this really brief. Although I anticipated some lunacy surrounding the Christmas holiday, this year has been full of . . . um . . . surprises, including a second (minor, thankfully) car accident, illness, navagating New York City on a sleety, crowded Christmas Eve and such. Still, despite all the . . . um . . . fun, I did read that one article on Disgrace that I found last week and I finished Brink's The Rights of Desire last night. Now, I'm just going to start re-reading Disgrace, taking notes on a fresh copy, preparing myself for the chapter I hope to begin soon.

For today, tomorrow, etc.: Re-read Disgrace or transcribe.


From Minxy:

You've had an eventful year end, haven't you? Here's hoping that you have a more mellow new year. :)

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