Sobriquet 54.16

I slept long and hard last night, woke up realizing that most retail outlets would be closed in observance of Memorial Day, further realized that roads and parks would be teeming for the same reason, went back to sleep, woke up again, and, frustrated by the inaccessible nature of my more reliable methods of procrastination, did everything in my power to put off reading a text that has been boring me for over a week. I walked for a few miles, I watched Simpsons episodes and sensationalist MSNBC pseudo-documentaries, surfed the internet, chatted on the phone, and sighed a good deal. Then I finally sat down -- reclined, really -- and, moaning and groaning all the while, set about reading the offending text. I read about half of what I wanted to get through today and will continue reading in bed.

For tomorrow: Read.


From Minxy:

Ah, sweet procrastination...what friends we've been. I, too, am fond of putting off the less entertaining aspects of life for more frivolous pursuits. I'm also fond of using the word frivolous, which I just recently realized. :)

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