Sobriquet 40.12: Lots of Time = Lots of Parentheses?

I finally managed to bear down and get my work finished relatively early today. This diligence enabled me to actually enjoy myself for the rest of the day. Indeed, I watched my new Imaginationland DVD (not bad), listened to some Distillers (I threw together a quick review of Coral Fang for my record review blog) and HorrorPops (Kiss Kiss Kill Kill, by the way, is one hell of an album), and will probably go to bed after spending some quality time with J. M. Coetzee (yeah, I may actually read some more of In the Heart of the Country for fun. Sue me.) and Don DeLillo (I've been listening to an audiobook of White Noise on and off for a while now and would like to finish it soon).

Speaking of free time, I have been thinking about actually assigning myself little tasks in addition to dissertation work because, as I mentioned a few days ago (and, I believe, several other times), I feel a bit constrained by the narrow focus of my studies at the moment. I have been debating setting up a regimen for watching movies, reading history books, or writing un-scholarly things (which, I suppose, I am doing by posting reviews on my music blog). Of course, such a plan would take some of the fun out of the endeavor, but at least I'd get something done...we'll see.

Since this entry sounds like the rambling of a brain dead moron, I'll assume I'm tired and should get ready for bed and sign off for the night.

For tomorrow: Read more of the novel and review another essay on The Master of Petersburg.


minxy said…
You sounded neither brain dead nor moronic, my friend...just a wee tired. If I can help in your non-dissertation endeavors, let me know...I may or may not have items that might be of interest. Or I could I could just offer enthusiasm, your choice. :)

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