Sobriquet 40.27

It's been a few days since I last posted anything and, as I had assumed would be the case, I did not get a whole lot of work done over the weekend. I did, of course, continue reading (and enjoying) Waiting for the Barbarians and I have been doing a little bit of prewriting. I seem to have hit another of those instances when writing begins to feel both daunting and irksome. As my doubts swarm around me like midges on Joba Chamberlain, I find that although I feel as if I should be starting the chapter in a day or two, I never seem to get any closer to the actual writing. It sucks.

I would have gotten a bit more done today, but I decided that having the opportunity to meet Mike Gravel this evening was too tempting to pass up. Now, after having listened to Senator Gravel speak in person (he is a tremendously eloquent man, especially when given more than a few seconds to speak as was the case during the Democratic debates) I have no qualms about unequivocally supporting the newly-minted Libertarian candidate for president.

Seriously, if the nation would just listen to this man speak for an hour or two, most people would probably embrace him as the best candidate. No joke. This man is really, really bright, very eloquent and, in my opinion, the only one to actually support his rhetoric with, you know, facts and stuff...

For tomorrow: Really get a move on the prewriting. Read a bit more of Waiting for the Barbarians.


From Minxy:

Having learned some of his ideas, I have to agree that yes, he does make a lot of sense. I like people who make sense and have experience. Since he meets both criteria, I suppose I like him. :)

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