Sobriquet 40.17

I spent a significant chunk of this afternoon transcribing quotations and notes about The Master of Petersburg, though I found that I also procrastinated quite a bit. I would have liked to have done something with my day, to have driven somewhere interesting for a few hours or to have taken care of some chores, but I decided to be lethargic today. Since I am taking on a fourth class this week, a two-month intensive course consuming six hours each Saturday until May, I figured I would grant myself the luxury of a lazy afternoon.

The odd thing about this class is that I now have to work on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, which leaves me without a two-day break at any point in my schedule. Obviously, I still have three days off--which is a much nicer schedule than most people enjoy--but I think I will miss having a set "break" period I could look forward to each week as a destination...On the other hand, I might be able to use the strange structure of my schedule to my advantage, balancing my dissertation efforts by using "work" days to read and "off" days for more labor-intensive, time-consuming efforts like writing or transcribing.

We'll see.

For tomorrow: Transcription.


minxy said…
Yes, think positively about your new schedule. It'll be better than you realize, I'm sure. And at least it's not 2- or 3-days-a-week for the intensive course...that would suck. One day isn't so bad. :)

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