Sobriquet 40.8

As I had suspected would be the case this weekend, I did not get quite as much done as I would have liked to school-wise, but I did spend a good deal of time with my friends--which, as I have learned, is as valuable a component of one's graduate education as writing the dissertation. I mean, working on a long, highly-specialized research project necessarily isolates an individual, so time spent in the company of fun, interesting people is a real delight--and an absolute need.

Still, despite the welcome distractions, I have continued to read more of In the Heart of the Country (which does seem poised to figure into my dissertation) and reread a teensy-weensy bit of criticism on The Master of Petersburg.

For tomorrow: Reread some more criticism and read a bit more of In The Heart of the Country.


minxy said…'s try number two to leave a comment (computer issues). I'm glad you had fun this is good. :) I'm not yet fully awake this morning, so that's all the comment I have. :-P

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