Sobriquet 44.3

As much as I would like to sit down and write a nice, long entry about what I have been reading lately, I will have to put that off for a little while because it is getting a bit too late for me to think clearly enough to write anything worth reading.

I have also decided that I will take a bit of a break from reading criticism, using the next couple of days to read Boyhood. I find that I get tired of doing any one part of the dissertation for too long, so I like to break up my work so that I can progress a bit more smoothly. Lately, it has been taking me longer to read the criticism I have set aside for myself, so I think I have reached the point at which a break is a wise idea.

For tomorrow: Read Boyhood.


From Minxy:

I think you're probably doing yourself a favor by taking a break from the criticism, especially since Disgrace has so much of it. Enjoy the fiction you'll be reading in its place. :)

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