Sobriquet 48.11

Today has been a terrible day for me. A variety of factors -- ranging from the accumulated fatigue of 3/4 of a semester's worth of work to a recent deluge of work and chores -- have combined to make me tired and cranky, two traits that, when combined, rarely result in a particularly productive day.

Basically, the more work I realized I had to complete before day's end, the more I started moaning like a cartoon dental patient. Either that or, especially when reading, I'd fall asleep, allowing what could have been some solid hours of work, to slip away.

Not surprisingly, I am still working despite wanting desperately to call it a night and will continue working for quite some time. Hopefully, by the time I reach for The Rights of Desire, I won't be too, too zonked . . .

For tomorrow: Read or transcribe.


From Minxy:

Everyone has bad's normal. Don't worry, today will be a better day and everything will be ok. :)

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