Sobriquet 48.18

You know how I frequently begin my blog entries with things like "today sucked" or "today was a really difficult day"? Well, today really did suck.

After driving into a solid wall of two-foot thick concrete at fifty-five miles an hour, I find myself sitting in my hospital bed in Scranton, Pennsylvania attempting to write about my dissertation. Here's the weird part, though: I really did work on my dissertation. Despite the neck brace and the CAT scans, despite the severely restricted movement and the constant tests, despite answering questions posed by state troopers, nurses, doctors, EMTs, and friends, I actually did work on my dissertation. And, yes, I did the work after I totalled my car. Admittedly, I needed help. For instance, I had to ask a nurse to dig in my backpack because -- being bound to a hard, flat surface and having my neck in a brace -- I couldn't reach The Rights of Desire myself. Later, when my CAT scan revealed that I could move, I dug out my laptop and did a bit of transcription. Not much, mind you, but I think the combination of shock, whiplash, depression, and excess adrenalin coursing through my veins is enough of an excuse not to do too, too much work.

Now, beset by neck pain and assorted other aches, I think I am going to call it a night and attempt to take it easy until my awesome friend drives the three hours it will take to come and fetch me this early Thanksgiving morning.

For tomorrow: Given that the doctor told me that I will be in a lot of pain tomorrow and given the very
distinct possibility that I will be drugged on some sort of opiate, I do not know how realistic it will be for me to sit at a desk and transcribe anything. If I cannot do that, I will try to read a bit more of The Rights of Desire.


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