Sobriquet 48.20

Although I felt extremely stiff this morning when I woke up and while I did feel more than a little discombobulated for the first few minutes of the day, I did set aside some time to work on the dissertation. I transcribed a few more pages of notes and such and, while I would have like to have made a bit more progress, I am satisfied with the fact that I have continued making headway despite my recent setback.

As the one year anniversary of this blog project looms on my horizon, I find myself a bit chagrined that I am still working on Disgrace, which was initially supposed to be the focus of the chapter I planned to finish by the end of this past February. Granted, I did write eighty-odd pages on the two novels preceding Disgrace, so the illusion of stagnation is not all that convincing. Nevertheless, I would like to finish the chapter on the novel soon . . . I think it will be a significant mental boost for me, a psychological milepost on what has been a peculiar intellectual journey. Strangely rewarding, all things considered, but one whose conclusion I welcome wholeheartedly.

For tomorrow: Even more of the same.


From Minxy:

Rock on for working while recovering from injury. I totally wouldn't be able to work on anything if I were in your place, though I would make an effort to knit, because that's what I do. But knitting's not work. P.S. You'll get the chapter done...just keep plugging away at it. :)

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