Sobriquet 48.15

Although I skipped posting anything last night, I did get some more transcription done, which was nice. I have to admit, I have hit that point in the semester where all the early mornings and late nights have begun taking a considerable toll on my spirits. Coupled with the ever-shortening days, the cumulative effects of long work days, class obligations, and administrative duties make working on the dissertation very, very difficult. Indeed, I am really, really looking forward to the semester's end. This isn't to say that I cannot wait for my classes to end, of course, because I have been loving this semester. My classes are wonderful, full of bright, eager students . . . it's simply the other stuff that is wiping me out. At any rate, I will try to read a bit of The Rights of Desire before bed tonight.

For tomorrow: Read or transcribe.


From Minxy:

The long days do sound like they suck. It's not fun getting to work when it's just barely light out and getting home when it's pitch black. But at least you have the days in between to get some daylight. YAY for daylight!!! :)

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