Sobriquet 49.2

Another day, more transcription. I have to admit the task is a painful one, both physically and literally. I still have trouble sitting in front of the computer without exacerbating the lingering injuries from last week's automobile accident, but I have tried to force myself to at least get a bit of transcription done each day in spite of the pain, if only to prevent myself from using the accident as an excuse not to get work done.

So, I transcribed a few more pages and rewarded myself by watching Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which I enjoyed a great deal. Kevin Smith is probably the only writer/director out there who can consistently make sappy love stories work. I mean, he keeps all of the conventions of a rather traditional narrative form but somehow manages not to make them feel forced or trite.

For tomorrow: More of the same.


From Minxy:

Sorry for the lateness of my morning routine was somewhat altered today.

I, too, enjoy a good Kevin Smith flick, though I didn't realize that Zack and Miri was one of his. I'll have to see it.

I'm glad you're feeling better from last week's unpleasantness, and that you're able to continue working despite your sore body. You are definitely a very hard worker.

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