Sobriquet 49.23

Since my back injuries from my second accident this month have aggravated those I sustained in the first smash-up, I wasn't entirely certain I'd be able to sit at the computer today. Fortunately, the pain, while certainly not pleasant, was bearable and I was able to work my way through the process of transcribing a few more articles, bringing me that much closer to finishing this unending task. As always, the process is tedious but it does afford me the opportunity to listen to music while I work (a luxury I will not grant myself when I am actually writing a given chapter) as well as provide me with time to reflect on the chapter I am preparing to write before I actually sit down to plan it.

For tomorrow: Transcribe or read.


From Minxy:

YAY for music while you work! It fills some of the space and time doesn't go as slowly. We have our regular music back at my work, and even though I don't like most of it, I'm really glad the Christmas music is gone. There is only so much "White Christmas" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" a girl can take.

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