Sobriquet 49.3

Well, it’s about three in the morning and my internet connection is out, so I’m typing this brief entry into my word processor before going to bed. Still, it’s not like I had a whole lot to say, having merely transcribed some more notes and quotes for the chapter on Disgrace. By my estimation, I’m still only about a quarter or so through the transcription and I am already on page fifty of my single-spaced notes. It’s ridiculous. The one satisfying thing, though, was having the opportunity to prune Gayatri Spivak’s painfully prolix text down to a few carefully-selected (and delightfully brief) passages. I feel sort of like Yossarian censoring letters in his hospital bed on Pianosa, wiping out whole blocks of text.


From Minxy:

Hey, I know that reference...that was part of the book I actually got through. YAY! Fifty pages is a shit-ton of notes for one book. Wow! Good luck getting through the rest of the notes. :)

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