Sobriquet 49.4

Well, I spent most of today in bed, which seems to have helped me quite a bit. Still, the hunched-over-my-desk posture required for transcribing kills. But I think there's a positive angle to this: if I ever find myself complaining about the lamentable plight of the beleaguered doctoral student and someone sardonically asks "does it really hurt so badly?" I can respond "Aye, it does. Marry, it does!" Of course, this is assuming I am complaining to some old salt aboard a schooner. (Note to self: find out where they sell schooner tickets).

For tomorrow: More of the same.


From Minxy:

I'm sorry that transcribing is so physically painful this time around. I'm sure they gave you pain medication, but it probably makes you less alert for transcribing notes and typing and such. I must say, though, YAY for relaxing in bed all day! I wish I could do that today. :)

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