Sobriquet 51.16

Tuesdays tend to be long days for me, so I am not especially surprised to find that, as it approaches one in the morning, I still haven't gotten a whole lot done. It wasn't a bad day or anything, but when I walked through the door this evening, the last thing I felt like doing was anything even resembling work. Instead, I watched old South Park episodes, listened to Leadbelly (and, weirdly, Cheap Trick again), played Mah-Jongg, and otherwise slacked off.

So I am tired, but I'll be sure to read a bit more of Elizabeth Costello before bed. Probably while humming a strange combination of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" and "I Want You To Want Me."

For tomorrow: Read or write.


From Minxy:

Are Cheap Trick and Mah-Jongg becoming a theme for you? Not that there's anything wrong with that...just curious. :)

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