Sobriquet 51.17

I found it difficult to start writing this morning but I did end up writing a few more pages. I can't say that I am especially fond of what I have written thus far, but I am pleased with myself for pushing my way through a whole lot of lassitude and self-doubt. I mean, today was pretty rough, all things considered. I really did not want to do anything at all and, when I did sit down to write, I struggled to figure out what it was I wanted to say. I am, of course, fairly used to days like today, days when my imagination begins to wander and my motivation lags and I begin to fantasize about leaving my dissertation behind me and moving to the Ozarks.

During these times, I find, the only thing to do is to force myself to sit down and work, no matter how much I would rather not do so. That's the thing with writing a dissertation: you've got to be consistent, you've got to work every day because, really, if you skipped the days you didn't feel like working, you'd never get anywhere.

For tomorrow: Read a bit.


From Minxy:

I felt kind of the same last night. I knew I really needed to get off of the recliner and get my knitting out, but I was so comfy that it pulled all the ambition out of me. However, I did finally get settled into the knitting and I have half of the project done that I started on Tuesday. It's just a pair of baby booties, but I have a Saturday deadline and there's a little bit of tedious work involved in addition to the actual knitting...the finishing is very tedious.

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