Sobriquet 51.22

Since I had a bit of difficulty falling asleep (and, once asleep, staying that way) last night, I am quite a bit sleepier than I normally find myself at half past nine in the evening. Fortunately, I did do a little reading tonight, revisiting some passages in Doubling the Point. I would like to reread some relevant philosophical texts before bed, but I am not so sure about my ability to sustain focus in my yawny, heavy-lidded condition. I'll have to see.

For tomorrow: Continue the rereading of texts and the collection of materials for the next section of the chapter. Writing, though unlikely, would be a swell cap to the day, methinks.


From Minxy:

I've always found it best to abstain from reading philosphical texts when fatigued. I've never made it past a few paragraphs before falling asleep. :)

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