Sobriquet 51.7: On The Road Again

Since it didn't seem like the anxiety I've been dealing with the past couple of days was heading anywhere I decided to start writing the chapter. Not outline, not tweak the outline, start writing. And so I did. Admittedly, it took me more than an hour to write the first sentence in a way that I found satisfactory (the image of the obscure clerk in Camus's The Plague struggling to write the perfect opening sentence did come to mind. Several times, in fact) but I started writing and, eventually, a few pages dripped out. As usual, I hate pretty much every word I've written and I have been analyzing my tone ever since I stopped writing but, fuck it all, the damn thing is underway.

Aside from writing more than I thought I would be able to squeeze out of myself, I actually read some more of Elizabeth Costello, too. Overall, not a bad day.

For tomorrow: Read or write or prep for writing.


From Minxy:

YAY!!!!!!!! Way to go with your newly-written pages! Woohoo! Sorry...Miss Psycho Pep Squad took over there for a minute. I am glad you have the chapter underway finally. Also, worry not about how your writing always hate what you've written, but your advisor always loves it, so I think you're going to be fine in that respect. YAY! :)

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